Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Hardest Goodbye

At the end of September the kids and I traveled to Iowa where Jay was already to say goodbye to Jay's dad.  Jay was able to spend some time with him before he passed away and we joined him after he was gone.  I hate that I didn't get to say goodbye to my father in law, who I loved very much.  But I am so thankful Jay was there with him and the family.  Larry was a special man.  Jay loved his dad deeply.  Larry was a friend to everyone, loved his kids deeply, loved his wife deeply, loved to make people laugh, had the best work ethic and never sat down.  This man knew what it means to work hard.  He was a giver in every sense of the word.  He knew how to fix just about anything and passed on that legacy to his son.  He also loved our kids.  He loved being a Grandpa and spoiling them!  We miss this man more than words can express and everyday my heart hurts for my husband's loss. 

While we were there for the memorial service and all the other details involved in celebrating a life and saying goodbye, we were able to do a few fun things as a family.  Since it was the fall, the pumpkin patch was one of those fun adventures as a family.  It was also a great distraction for all of us, especially our kids!

Beautiful girl all ready for her Grandpa's memorial service.

Handsome boy also ready for Grandpa's memorial service. 

We were all sitting around in the living room one evening (after the kids were in bed) and the cat brought us a special surprise.  Alice (Nicole's cat) walked in with the mouse in his mouth and set him down.  That special surprise caused some of us to begin screaming while climbing higher on the chairs.  Jay just busted out laughing and tried to catch him.  Which he eventually did.  I still laugh when I think about that adventure. 

You know...just driving the tractor and lawn mower down the road.  Because in Iowa you can do that.

The beautiful farm.  We love this place.

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