Monday, November 16, 2015

First Camping Trip as a Family

We took our kids camping for the very first time.  And it was amazing.  We went with our friends, the Breitensteins.  We had such a great time and all four kids did awesome!  I was pretty nervous about sleep and if we would get any or not.  We did!  No one fell in the fire.  We played on the beach, hiked, shopped, went to the Newport Aquarium, played in the dirt, ate great, made smores, and had such a great time!  This will be a Hinderks family tradition!

We had an extra tent for the kids to play in so they weren't always in the dirt.  They enjoyed it!

We rocked the smores!  I had never been a smores fan until Mandy introduced me to smores on crack.  So many options with candy that I actually like.

Signs of a great camping trip!  Two very tired kids.

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