Saturday, November 21, 2015

A New Year!

2014 held a lot of sadness and loss.  2015 was looking a little brighter.  Some sweetness out of this sweet girl.

And some crazy hair.

Mason was growing bigger and bigger and we were getting more and more excited to meet him.

And apparently Carter is old enough at four years old to hang out on the roof...

We always go check on our kids before we go to bed at night and this is what we find a lot.  Carter loves to snuggle with his stuffed animals and I love finding him asleep with one.

And with a new year brings a new bed???  I think she is officially growing out of her crib.  My baby is growing up :(

Madelynn wanted to be just like her mama.

Valentine's Day
I like doing little surprises when they wake up and always a special breakfast with heart shaped pancakes.

Fun with friends!

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