Saturday, November 21, 2015

Carter Turns Five!!

The night before Carter turned FIVE!  This was our last night with our four year old.

We spread out his presents all day long.  

A new swimming pool since his last one was ripped to shreds by dogs :(  (Side note: we used this pool a ton this summer).  

After preschool he opened some more presents.

And then we had a fireman themed birthday party with a bunch of sweet boys.  We had his party at our church which worked out great!  Jay came up with a fire training course the boys had to work their way through.  It was so much fun. 

They even had a real fire hose (from the Lyons fire department where Jay works).

And a squirt gun with a candle to squirt out with water.

I am SO thankful for the friendships Carter has made.  He has some really great friends!

After the party we scheduled a tour of a fire station.  It was an awesome end to a great fifth birthday party.

After his party we took him to dinner at Red Robin and then dropped him and Madelynn off at my dad and Lori's.  Jay and I were headed to Iowa in the morning.

Happy Birthday Carter man!  We love you!

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