Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Sad Weekend

In July of 2014, my uncle Don passed away suddenly.  We traveled to Spokane to be with our family and attend his service.  This was a horrible reason for our family to get together and it still feels so sad, even over a year out.  My uncle Don is my mom's brother.  I grew up very close to this family.  They lived in Salem for a lot of my childhood and I spent summers at there house while my parents worked everyday.  I grew up at their house and was always pretty close to their four kids, my cousins.  Losing him rocked our family.  He died unexpectedly from a massive heart attack right after he got to work.  My heart still hurts for his wife, my aunt Lori and my four cousins and their families.  This loss will never seem real and we will always miss Don's presence in our family.  He was always the life of the party and we miss that!  Here are a few pictures from that weekend.  It is hard to look at these pictures because it looks like everyone is having fun...which we were.  However, we were all grieving and mourning his loss in such a deep way.  However, we celebrated his life by being with family and thanking the Lord for the time we did have him.

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