Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fall Family Photo Shoot 2012

Here is our annual fall family photo shoot.  Each year seems to get harder to get great pictures.  This attempt was extremely difficult but we got some great ones!  I always imagine the perfect picture where I look skinny and both kids are smiling perfectly while looking directly at the camera.  HA!  What dream world am I living in?  The great thing though is that even though there really is no such thing as "the perfect picture" when it involves a toddler and a baby, the ones that are farthest from perfection are often the best ones to show us as a family.  Carter was so hard for this photo shoot but yet he is the one that made me laugh so much as I looked at these pictures.  His true personality came out in every single one and they make me smile.  That is what I really want out of a photo of my family.  I want to smile as I look at it. 

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