Sunday, November 10, 2013


My kids actually got to go to a pumpkin patch four times this year!  I took the kids to a little pumpkin patch in Jefferson with a friend of mine and her three kids.  Then while we were in Spokane we all went to a pumpkin patch together.  Then right before Jay and I went to California we took the kids to Bauman's for a family day at the pumpkin patch and then while we were in California my mom went with Carter to Bauman's for his preschool field trip.  Very sad to miss his very first field trip ever.  What is even worse though is that while we were in California I accidentally deleted every single picture that was on my camera.  This included our family trip to the pumpkin patch and the first day and a half of Disneyland.  I was pretty devastated.  But I got pictures at the Jefferson pumpkin patch and the one in Spokane.  Since I didn't get to go to Carter's field trip we don't have any pictures from that either.  But here are a few from one of our visits and then carving our pumpkin too.  Pumpkin patch season is a favorite of mine!

Carter and his buddy Owen.  They had lots of fun playing together!

Carter's friend Grace in the background.

Pushing their own wheel barrows to pick out their pumpkin.

He found the perfect pumpkin.  And it was my perfect one too because it was only $.50. 

Then Carter and daddy had fun carving our big pumpkin.  Carter actually helped this year and pulled all the goo out!  I was proud :)  He wouldn't touch it last year.



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