Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So much love and silliness...

These two love each other so much.  They fight like normal siblings too but there is so much love there.  They love to wrestle.  Madelynn loves it when Carter chases her and falls on top of her.  Scares me but also brings so much joy! 

Snuggling with blankies and puppies...

Wild and crazy fun with daddy!

Here is an example of my little dare devil.  Ugh.  Scared me.  I may have had 12 mini heart attacks during this little adventure for her and photo shoot for me.  She loves to crawl all over the couch and even stand and look over the arm of the couch.  It is amazing she didn't fall.  I reached over and grabbed her so many times!

Playing peek a boo...

My pretty girl!

Daddy loves.  She was being so sweet and so silly with her daddy.  Hugs, snuggles, kisses, and full on scratch off daddy's face fun.

We have a lot of love in the family.  I am thankful.

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