Monday, January 2, 2017

Grandma Leah Came to Visit!! April 2016

Before we go into our great visit with Leah...
Madelynn moved into Carter's car seat and Mason moved into Madelynn's.  It was time to move Mason out of his infant carrier and into a big boy seat.  They were both happy about it.

Leah (Jay's stepmom) came to visit us for the first time since our wedding.  We were so excited to have her here.  We had such a great time with her right here in our home with us.  We did a lot of fun adventures and she got to be here for Mason's first birthday.  Such sweet memories.

We took Leah to the zoo.  The zoo is one of the kids' favorite places so we wanted to show Leah.

Madelynn had just turned four so I tried to get some four year pictures.  And what better place than the tulip farms.  We took Leah there too!

Carter had his first t-ball practice while Leah was here.  What a disaster too!  I forgot to check my e-mail leading up to his first practice so we just rushed him to the school we had last heard practice was at.  We got there, hiked down to the field, and saw nothing but soccer practice happening.  After quite a few minutes of stressing and some phone calls by the car, and rushing home to check e-mail (because we don't have smart phones), we found out where practice had been switched to.  Which just happened to be the school right down the street from our house.  Well in the chaos, I left my phone sitting on the curb at the first school we were at.  I didn't even realize it until we got a phone call the next day from the principal of the school that they had my phone.  Wow.  But he made it to some of his first practice and had a blast. 

And of course we had to take Leah to the coast!  And I got a few six year pictures of Carter!

So while we were flying kites and discussing that it was probably time to get on the road...
Leah takes Mason in the stroller and starts wandering further away from where we were hanging out.  Seemed funny but we figured she just wasn't ready to leave yet...

So I even snapped a picture of her wandering with Mason.

And then I turn around...And Nicole was walking toward us!!!  I wish I had taken a picture of her walking toward us.  What an amazing surprise!!  Her and Leah had planned this whole trip together and Nicole came a few days after Leah to be there for Mason's first birthday.  We were floored.  Such a fun surprise!  She got to spend the next couple days with us and then flew home with Leah.

The kids had all been sleeping in the car on the way home from the coast. was Mason's last night before he turned one and we HAD to get our family selfie on the night before a birthday.  The kids were not happy with us.  But we did it and it might just be one of my faves!  Memories. 

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